Memebox Superbox #61 My Cute Wishlist 3 Unboxing and Review

This is the third box in the My Cute Wishlist series from Memebox, and I’ve purchased all of them so far. I absolutely loved the first My Cute Wishlist, and the second box in the series wasn’t bad, though not nearly as great as the first. Memebox seemed to curate this particular box with a girly/doll theme. I would have preferred a cute animal or cute food theme, so I’m hoping to see that in My Cute Wishlist 4.

Theo certainly loved the first My Cute Wishlist and is hoping for great things in MCW4!

Memebox My Cute Wishlist 3 (16)Memebox My Cute Wishlist 3 (14)Memebox My Cute Wishlist 3 (13)

My Cute Wishlist 3:

Memebox My Cute Wishlist 3 (12)

The packaging for most of these items features a girl’s face, which some people found to be creepy rather than cute. I do see the cute aspect of some of these products, and I actually think My Cute Wishlist 3 follows the cute theme better than My Cute Wishlist 2 did.

Info card:

Memebox My Cute Wishlist 3 (1) Memebox My Cute Wishlist 3 (2)

1. Hope Girl Tinted Lip Balm: I’ve gotten a couple of these lip balms from Memebox. I received the Hot Cherry variety in this Memebox; the other possibilities were Strawberry and Love Peach. I do like the bright color of this lip balm, and the packaging is pretty cute. This lip balm features shea butter and co-enzyme Q-10, and I will use it–when I get through the others I’ve got stashed away!

Memebox My Cute Wishlist 3 (4)Memebox My Cute Wishlist 3 (5)

2. Shara Shara Fairy’s Make-up Synergy Sun Cream SPF45 PA++: This is a pretty odd take on cute packaging–I’ve seen it described as creepy, like the Barbie bodies that topped kids’ shampoo bottles in the 90s, and like a brunette Patty Mayonnaise from “Doug.” If you take off the top, the bottle itself actually looks pretty nice. However, I’m not sure how I feel about the sun cream itself. I used it the other day on a bike ride, and found that it went on very thick and left a white film on my skin. Additionally, it has a pretty strong fragrance. In general, I don’t like using scented skincare products on my face, and this has a baby powder/floral scent which I found especially unappealing. I used two pumps of the cream. Next time, I will try just using one to see if that helps. Even though I’m not thrilled with it, I will eventually use this product up. I live in Arizona, so regular sun protection is essential.

Memebox My Cute Wishlist 3 (6)Memebox My Cute Wishlist 3 (7)

3. ddung Family Foam Cleansing Cream: I received this cleansing foam in the Fruits variety (the other option was Milky). This cleanser has a variety of herb and floral extracts, which does make me a bit nervous about using it on my face. The imagery on the packaging is a little creepy to me, but I do see how it could be considered cute.

Memebox My Cute Wishlist 3 (8)

4. Shara Shara Kissing Sugar Lip Scrub: Sugar lip scrubs are always handy to have around! This lip scrub contains honey extracts and a variety of oils, so it should be moisturizing and nourishing in addition to exfoliating. I don’t find the packaging for this item creepy, though I don’t think it’s particularly cute, either.

Memebox My Cute Wishlist 3 (9)

5. Youngwoosa Oh! It’s Lovely and Soft Cream: I’ll just start by saying I don’t see the cuteness factor for this item at all. The person on the top just seems odd to me, and the dog on the side of the jar is quite small. I’m always happy to have another face cream on hand, however. If I end up not loving it for hydrating my face, I can use it on my neck, hands, or other dry areas.

Memebox My Cute Wishlist 3 (10)

6. Tonymoly Red Cheeks Girl’s Patch: These patches are supposed to help moisturize dry, red cheeks. I  don’t generally experience redness in my cheeks, so I’m not particularly excited to get these. I do think that they are actually pretty cute, though. The patches are a one-time use item, which is always a bit disappointing to receive in a Superbox.

Memebox My Cute Wishlist 3 (11)

This was just an okay box for me–if I had seen the contents when it was released, I would not have purchased it. Of course, mystery boxes are always a gamble–that’s part of the fun! The box cost $23, and the shipping cost $6.99.

If you’re thinking about getting one of the boxes Memebox currently has available (and I do think there are some with the potential to be quite cute!), you can use this one-time-use code to get $5 off through October 31: 2HOG

If you ordered MCW3, what did you think? Are you looking forward to seeing what the fourth box in the series has to offer? Please let me know what you’re hoping to see in the next box!

Disclaimer: This post contains affiliate links.


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