Memebox Nail Shop #3 Vivid Pop: Unboxing and Review

Yes, I did it. I bought one of the much-maligned nail boxes from Memebox. Okay, maybe they weren’t universally maligned, but they were not a favorite of the ladies on the forum I follow most closely,! Having said all of that, I’m actually delighted with this Memebox, especially since I got a good deal on it.

The box:

vivid pop (8)

Info card (I apologize for the condition of the card, I managed to beat it up somehow!):

vivid pop (9)vivid pop (10)

Swatches of the nail polish colors:

vivid pop (2)

with shyan nail lacquer in red grapefruit: This is certainly a fun color! It is a very bright–dare I say, vivid–orange. I used it as part of my Halloween nail look, and it worked nicely!

vivid pop (3)

with shyan nail lacquer in neon green: This is indeed a neon green. The images I saw online made me think it would be a bit more of a kelly green that would work well for St. Paddy’s Day, but I’m still happy with the color. This was also incorporated into my Halloween nails.

vivid pop (4)

with shyan nail lacquer in pink lady: This is a good, classic bright pink. I can’t see myself wearing it anytime soon, but it will be a nice spring/summer color.

vivid pop (5)

with shyan nail lacquer in neon purple: This is the lighter of the two purples that came in this box, and it’s really a pinky-purple color. I usually like darker purples with cooler tones, but I can still see myself getting some use out of this color.

vivid pop (6)

with shyan nail lacquer in blue violet:  This is a very dark purple, and looks almost black in the swatches I did on paper. However, it does look quite nice on the nails. It’s the final color I used for my Halloween nail look.

vivid pop (11)

SARACEN Fluorescent Glitter: I would have been fine if this glitter had not been included in the box at all. In my opinion, it doesn’t fit the “vivid” theme very well. I noticed that one of the other two nail polish boxes Memebox released had some bright nail pens–I think they would have been a much better fit for this box!

vivid pop (7)

Overall, I was quite happy with the colors and quality of the nail polishes in this box. I used them without a base coat and with just a chunky glitter polish on top–and only one coat of the polish itself–when I did my nails in a hurry for Halloween. The polishes didn’t chip until a couple of days later, and I even went on an intense cave trip the day after Halloween.

Not-very-skilled Halloween manicure:

vivid pop (12)

The box was originally priced at $18, but the price was later dropped to $12, plus $6.99 for shipping. I bought the box after it went on sale, and I think it was a great deal.

What did you think of the nail polish boxes from Memebox? If they released another set, would you buy one? While it looks like the nail polish boxes are no longer available, there are still some great Memeboxes you can grab–including two Thanksgiving boxes just in time for the holiday season. You can use this one-time-use code to get $5 off of a $30 purchase, not including taxes or the price of shipping: 5UQL2N

For the self-imposed cat tax, I think I’ll include an old picture of Theo dressed as a butterfly, since Halloween came up a few times in this post!


Disclaimer: This post contains affiliate links.


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