Memebox #70 Thumbs Up! Bloggers’ Picks: Unboxing and Review

The concept behind the Thumbs Up Memeboxes was that the products in the boxes would be the ones liked the most by Memebox customers–the first box was based off of a Facebook poll, hence the “thumbs up” name, while the second box was based off of the recommendations of bloggers contacted directly by Memebox. However, neither of these boxes seemed to really deliver on the concept.  I bought both of the Thumbs Up Boxes, and these are my thoughts on the second box, which was supposed to contain recommendations from some of the top Memebox bloggers.

The box:

Memebox Thumbs Up Bloggers (1)

The info card:

Memebox Thumbs Up Bloggers (2) Memebox Thumbs Up Bloggers (3)

N.S.M ReBorn Tint – Exciting Snow Cooling Tint: There were three different options for this lip tint, and I’m happy with the one I received. It is a cooling tint in color 01, which is a nice pink color. You can definitely feel the tingling of the cooling ingredients, but it’s not too intense. The Memebox info card says that this feeling is soothing–I don’t know about you, but I never consider a tingling feeling on my lips soothing… it honestly reminds me of the feeling you get when a cold sore is about to emerge. The tint has a pretty strong scent that reminds me of fruity gummy candies–specifically those gummy rings that I think are still available. I can see myself wearing this lip tint, though it probably won’t see much use until the spring. As for whether this fits the theme, I didn’t hear any good things about this tint after it was featured in the Makeup Edition and Cooling Care Memeboxes, so that makes me doubt that many of the surveyed bloggers would have listed it as a good option to include in this box.

Memebox Thumbs Up Bloggers (4)Memebox Thumbs Up Bloggers (5)

LadyKin Aqua Exfoliator For Body: I would be really excited about this product… if I hadn’t heard several negative reviews about it. The fact that many bloggers actually said that this product does next to nothing when it comes to exfoliation makes me very much doubt that it was truly a bloggers’ pick. I will still give it a try–it’s a big bottle, and I hate to let it go to waste without at least trying it once or twice.

Memebox Thumbs Up Bloggers (6)

Croquis Dual Concealer: I was definitely not expecting this sort of product in this Memebox–of all of the Korean makeup products available, concealer is not something you hear much about as being a stand-out option. Another lip product or a good eyeliner would have been much more up my alley! Having said that, this concealer does appear to be a good shade for my skin tone–there are actually two different colors, one of which is a bit darker than my skin (this might actually be too dark), and one that is a bit lighter. The darker color is actually supposed to be a spot concealer, while the lighter color is a wrinkle concealer. The applicators are a bit strange–the darker color has a doe foot applicator, and the lighter color has a brush applicator. I think I’d rather just have a tube of one type/color of concealer, as that would be  more hygienic.

Memebox Thumbs Up Bloggers (7)Memebox Thumbs Up Bloggers (8)

HAIR+ Velvet Nutri-Injection: This seems like it’ll be a useful item–it’s a small tube full of a product that is supposed to help repair damaged hair. I have quite a bit of hair, so this is definitely a one-time-use product for me, but I will certainly give it a try. I believe the only Memebox this appeared in was the Jackpot Box (it looks like it was in 7 of the 9 box options), so I’m not sure how many bloggers would have actually gotten the chance to use this and name it as an option for the Thumbs Up Box. There have definitely been other hair products that I’ve heard multiple bloggers rave about and that I would have rather seen in this box.

Memebox Thumbs Up Bloggers (9)

Evas Cosmetics Vitamin Cleansing Dessert: I now have 3 tubs of this cleanser. It is a fine cleanser–I like having cream cleansers on hand, as they are not as harsh as foam cleansers. I first received this cleanser in the Cacao Box in the Coconut & Cacao scent, and I am still working on that tub. I do not particularly like the Coconut & Cacao scent, so I was happy to receive a different option in this box. However, I was really hoping for the Berry Mix scent, as the second tub I received (from My Cute Wishlist 2) was also the Red Wine scent, and I’ve had a hankering for skincare products made with berries lately.

Memebox Thumbs Up Bloggers (10)

23 Years Old Air-laynic Pore Mask: As I’ve metioned a few times, my pores can always use some attention, so I’m happy to receive this mask. Once again, though, it is not a product I heard any bloggers rave about, so it does not seem like an item that many bloggers would have selected for this box.  Also, I noticed a strange and not very pleasant smell coming from the mask that came with this product. It’s just a dry sheet mask, so I’m not sure why it would have any scent at all. Roxy decided to butt in on the unboxing photos for this product–maybe she was curious about the odd smell too!

Memebox Thumbs Up Bloggers (11) Memebox Thumbs Up Bloggers (12) Memebox Thumbs Up Bloggers (13)

Purebess Galactomyces: This toner was originally featured in the Whole Grains Box, which was one of the first Memeboxes I received. I have enjoyed using this product, and it might actually be the first product from Memebox (besides single-use items) that I’ve managed to finish up! It definitely seems to even out and brighten  my skin tone. This galactomyces toner was the spoiler for the Thumbs Up Box, which many people found misleading–it’s seems to be the only product in the box that many bloggers actually loved and would have chosen.

Memebox Thumbs Up Bloggers (14)

Secret Key Color Recipe The Pink Cream: This item is a real kicker–it was originally in the Pinkaholic Box, which shipped September 23. The bloggers’ survey for this box was due September 14. So this definitely was not a product that any of the bloggers who were surveyed would have nominated for this box, as it hadn’t yet been released by Memebox. It seems like a decent face cream–I’ll add it to the ever-growing stash I have waiting to be used.

Memebox Thumbs Up Bloggers (15)

While this box wasn’t really what I was expecting, it does have a few things going for it–it contained a total of 8 products, all of the products are decent sizes, and there are a few items that I know I’ll enjoy using. If you bought either of the Thumbs Up Boxes, what did you think? Which one do you think was better? Let me know!

There has been a bit of a “Meme-drought” lately in terms of new Memeboxes, but there are some great holiday value sets, items with free shipping, and items with free gifts available right now for the Memebox Cyber Monday sale. I have not yet received a new discount code for December, but I’ll post it here when/if I do!

Disclaimer: This post contains affiliate links.


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