Memebox Special #64 Green Food Cosmetics: Unboxing and Review

Memebox released this particular box on October 1, which also happened to be World Vegetarian Day (which Memebox mentioned in its promotional copy). I am a vegetarian, and so I simply had to pick this box up—at least that’s what I told myself! The original promotional picture for this box showed greens, peas, and apples, so I was expecting to get some products made from green-colored fruits and vegetables. However, that’s not quite what I got…

 The box:

Green Foods Memebox

Info card:

Green Foods Memebox

 Green Foods Memebox

Primary Raw Seoul Do You Original Soy Milk Facial Cream: This moisturizing cream is made with soy—a green food! In addition to soy, it also contains galactomyces, which is one of my favorite ingredients I’ve found in Korean skincare products. It helps to make my skin look clear, smoother, and brighter. It’s got great ingredients, and the packaging on this face cream was absolutely adorable! The jar can also be reused when the product is gone.

Green Foods Memebox

Solución 9 Aztec Therapy Shampoo: This shampoo contains quite a few plant and herb extracts, including rosemary, aloe, and nettle. While these are all green and all edible, I feel like it’s a stretch to consider this a green food product. Even so, I’m excited to give the shampoo a try—I love shampoos with herbal scents!

Green Foods Memebox

Derma:B Fresh Moisture Body Lotion: I’m going to be honest—I don’t particularly like getting body lotion in beauty boxes. I feel like they are generally pretty inexpensive products, and it’s easy to find ones that do their intended job well at a low price. This lotion will still get used, of course, I’m just not thrilled about its inclusion. This lotion contains peppermint and other herbal extracts—again, a stretch to be considered foods in my book.

Green Foods Memebox

WillSpa Touch Aroma Therapy Roll-on Oil: This aroma therapy oil is supposed to help you de-stress—I am always all for that! It contains a blend of herbal oils, along with lemon and jojoba seed. It does smell great to me, but again, doesn’t quite fit my expectations for a green food product.

Green Foods Memebox

Tosowoong Aloe Whitening Essence: The primary ingredient in this product is aloe. Again, while aloe is edible, it’s not what I think of when I think of green foods. Whitening and brightening products can sometimes be irritating to the skin, so I am happy to see a whitening product made with aloe that is formulated to be soothing.

Green Foods Memebox

While this box wasn’t quite what I was expecting, I am still satisfied with the products themselves and will be using each and every one of them. The box cost $29 before shipping and handling, and Memebox lists the value as $161. What’s your opinion of this box? I personally love food-themed Memeboxes in general, so I hope that we see some more in the coming months.


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