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Theo and three, plus me.




My name is Shannon, and I live in a little house with my cat, Theo, two dogs named Kalby and Roxy, and my boyfriend, Phil. Online shopping, outdoor adventures, working from home, and trying to adult—this is my life.


gustav2 (2)gustav3gustav4IMG_4328 (2)

I would like to dedicate this blog to Gustav, pictured above. When I initially came up with the concept and name for this blog, “Theo & Three” was intended to mean Theo plus my other three pets. Sadly, Theo’s brother Gustav passed away unexpectedly on September 2, 2014. He was an amazing cat with a unique personality–I would always joke that he was judging my outfits, he gave little kitty kisses, and he absolutely loved shoes. You’ll be missed, handsome boy ❤



This is a personal blog that I write and edit myself for my own enjoyment. All opinions expressed in this blog are entirely my own, and this blog does not accept any forms of sponsorship or cash advertising. I may sometimes accept some forms of compensation, such as free products or services, from companies.

If a product is sent to me to be reviewed, that will be made clear when the review is posted. However, the way in which I received that product will not influence my opinion of it or the company that supplied it.

This blog is not guaranteed to include accurate information about any products, companies, or locations. Any claims should be verified with the appropriate company, organization, or manufacturer.

The content provided on this blog may include referral or affiliate links to certain websites. I may receive some compensation as a result of purchases made by individuals using those links.



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